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Neuropsychological Services

Neural Networks Neuropsychology provides specialist, 

evidence based, comprehensive neuropsychological 

assessments and interventions for adults. 



About Neuropsychological Assessment

Our brain development and function can be affected by many factors including normal ageing, neurological disorders, brain injury, psychiatric illness and 

medical conditions. These factors can result in changes to our cognitive functions (i.e thinking skills) and may include difficulties such as: 

  • Struggling to learn and remember new things,

  • Trouble finding the right word to use in conversation or,

  • Problems keeping organised and on top of everyday tasks (e.g. keeping up to date with bills and appointments).


Such difficulties can be both frustrating and worrying, particularly if they reflect a change from previous abilities.


Neuropsychologists have specialist training in assessing brain function and expertise in understanding the relationship between brain function, thinking and behaviour. A neuropsychological assessment involves a comprehensive evaluation of your cognitive functions. The range of tasks administered during the assessment are tailored to your specific areas of concern, which may include attention and concentration, memory and new learning, speed of thinking, language, visuospatial functions, problem solving, reasoning and planning as well as intellectual and academic skills.


A neuropsychological assessment can objectively evaluate areas of strength and weakness in your thinking skills and identify how these might impact your everyday life. The results from an assessment can be beneficial to assist with:​​

  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Clarification of diagnosis (e.g. neurological or neurodegenerative conditions).

  • Advice for management and treatment.

  • Baseline cognitive functioning to monitor changes in brain function over time.

  • Guidance for decisions about important aspects of everyday life (e.g.returning to work or study). 

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Doctor Examining CT Scan
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Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential referral. 

To make a referral send through an enquiry, using the form below, with the following details:

  • Client name, date of birth and contact details.

  • Reason for referral.        

  • Background medical and psychological information relevant to the presenting cognitive difficulties.

  • Details of any previous neuroimaging (e.g. brain CT or MRI) and neuropsychological assessment (if applicable).

Address: 1/7 Beissel St, Belconnen ACT 2617

Tel: 0401 233 231

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