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Felicity Leslie

Clinical Neuropsychologist MClinNeuro MAPS FCCN

Felicity Leslie is the Director and Principal Neuropsychologist for Neural Networks Neuropsychology. She has practice endorsement in Clinical Neuropsychology and is an approved Supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia. Felicity graduated the top of her cohort and received the Vice Chancellor's Award for Academic Excellence. She also holds membership with the Australian Psychological Society and is a fellow of the College of Clinical Neuropsychologists. 


Felicity has over 9 years of clinical experience conducting complex neuropsychological assessments across both inpatient and community settings for clients with a range of disorders, including those with acquired brain injury, neurological and neurodegenerative conditions as well as psychiatric disorders.


Felicity also has extensive clinical and research experience in differential dementia diagnostics, with a specialist interest in early onset dementia, such as Frontotemporal dementia and associated conditions (e.g. motor neurone disease). Felicity’s experience involves conducting neuropsychological assessment to assist with dementia diagnosis, treatment and management as well as developing and validating new cognitive tools to assist with more reliable and accurate assessment and diagnosis.



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